Prince is a love rat


The People, 01/10/2000, p6&7

SPURNED millionaire Michael Edwards-Hammond revealed last night how
Prince Andrew stole his stunning girlfriend after flirting with her
right under his nose.
Michael told how randy Andy fell for stunning Caroline Stanbury when
she went to a posh dinner party wearing a tight mini-dress and no
The smitten prince spent all evening ogling her slinky figure and
insisted on taking her dancing at a top London club.
Andrew, 40, later sneaked Caroline, 25, into his Buckingham Palace
apartment for secret dates.
And when news of their affair leaked out, he coolly phoned Michael and
joked: “I seem to be your love rival, old boy.”
Last night shattered Michael, 32, revealed for the first time how he
lost his “gorgeous, fantastic, sexy lover” to the romeo royal.
He told the Sunday People: “I was devastated when I found out they had
been carrying on behind my back.
“Caroline was going off to his place all the time and I didn’t have a
“A friend of hers finally broke the news that they they were seeing
each other.
“But when rumours started becoming public Prince Andrew tried to play
it down and even offered to get his press office to sort it out.
“I feel really stupid for not seeing this coming as I actually
introduced them.
“But I can’t really blame Andrew for falling for Caroline. She is
absolutely gorgeous and a fantastic lover.
“I just didn’t stand a chance against a prince. But I want to warn him:
Caroline can be a bit of a handful. She is more trouble than Fergie
ever was.”
Polo-playing Michael first met Andrew at a charity match earlier this
The businessman helped organise the Warwickshire Cup on July 2 to raise
money for one of the prince’s favourite charities the NSPCC.
Andrew couldn’t go but later invited Michael to dinner at trendy
Italian restaurant Como Lario in London’s Pimlico as a thank-you.
Michael, who had been dating public relations girl Caroline since July
1999, took her along because she wanted to meet the prince.
He said: “She wasn’t actually invited but she made it clear she wanted
to come and was really excited at meeting Andrew.
“Caroline was wearing a stunning clingy mini-dress in pink silk which
really showed off her figure.
“She had tried it on in front of me before we left home and I told her
I could see her panty line.
“She just took off her undies and went out with none on.”
At the restaurant Michael was surprised at how informal and unstuffy
Andrew was.
The millionaire business consultant said: “He shook my hand and said,
`Hi, I’m Andy’.”
Michael watched Caroline inch her way towards the prince during the
dinner – and it was obvious that Andrew found her attractive.
He said: “She is a great-looking girl. He was with a gorgeous model at
the time, but I could see Caroline had caught his eye.
“They started flirting right in front of me but I laughed it off.
“He was captivated by her and who could blame him? She looked stunning.”
At Andrew’s insistence the group moved on to trendy night-spots The
Rock and Tramp.
But Michael had to leave early because he had a business meeting in the
He said: “Caroline told me she would stay with Andrew to make sure he
was OK. I should have known better, I suppose.”
But Michael was worried when stories appeared in the press a few days
later about Andrew leaving The Rock with a “mystery blonde”.
He said: “I rang Caroline and jokingly remarked, `You’ve ditched me for
Prince Andrew have you?’ and she laughed nervously.”
More stories followed, revealing the prince and Caroline were in St
Tropez together on holiday.
Michael said: “It was crazy really. I kept asking myself, `Is my girl
really cheating on me with Prince Andrew?’.”
Two weeks after the first meal, Andrew again asked if Michael would
join him for dinner – but this time invited Caroline too.
Again they went to Como Lario, then on to the China White night-club
which is owned by a friend of Michael’s.
The tycoon said: “During the evening Andrew was being very flirtatious
with a couple of other girls. He had his arms round then and was
stroking their thighs.
“By the end of the night he was standing on a table, his shirt opened
down the front, waving his arms above him.
“It was brilliant, so funny. There were all these people around just
watching open-mouthed.
“His bodyguard whispered to me, `I’m getting too old for this, he
should be too’.”
A few days later Caroline, who drives a £30,000 Mercedes SLK sports
car, was invited to Prince Andrew’s private apartment to help him
conduct interviews for a new personal assistant.
But Michael was told he was not invited.
He said: “It was then I had the first real inkling that something
wasn’t quite right – but I never expected this.
“I suppose I should have done. Andrew is in his forties now, what else
is he going to do if he meets a beautiful girl?
“Of course he is going to lap up her attention and so will she, she
thrives on it.
“Tell me what man wouldn’t fancy her. She is fantastic in bed and I
know Andrew is a bit of a womaniser.
“Maybe he is trying to recapture something, and she is extremely
Soon after the press speculation began, Andrew had the nerve to phone
Michael to discuss it.
Michael said: “Andrew told me, `I hear you’re my love rival old boy’
and I laughed it off at the time.
“But I told him I felt things were getting out of hand and deep down I
knew what Caroline was really up to.
“Andrew sounded relaxed, saying his Press team could deal with it if I
Despite being director of a company with a £4million turnover and
having homes in London and Kent, Michael found it wasn’t enough to beat
the Royal charm.
Caroline dropped him last month when it emerged he had spent eight
months in custody for stealing cars when he was a teenager.
But Michael said: “That was just an excuse. I think Andrew finally told
her that I had to go before they could be seen to be with each other.”
Michael knows that Andrew may be having a wonderful time in bed with
the athletic beauty.
He said: “Sex with Caroline was sensational. It’s no wonder Andrew fell
for her.”
Michael spent four hours making love to the stunning blonde at a luxury
country hotel on the night before Andrew’s charity polo match.
He said: “Caroline simply has an insatiable appetite for sex.
“We didn’t get to bed until well after 2am and I was tired but I
couldn’t resist her. Her legs and breasts are the most perfect I’ve
ever seen.
“Her skin is so soft and smooth and she is just irresistible. She was
very demanding, very athletic. We made love until almost 6am.
“Andrew’s eight years older than me and he will have to be very fit to
keep Caroline happy.”
Michael is sure he will meet the prince again in the next few months
because of their charity connections.
He said: “I’ll still shake his hand if I see him but I’d warn him to be
careful with Caroline.
“I don’t doubt she has designs on becoming a princess – after all it’s
every girl’s childhood dream.”


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