Mobiles scam 2 sacked


Sunday Mail, 16/04/2000, p31

A SCOTS call-centre has sacked two workers for hacking into a client’s
computer files to top- up cash credits on their own mobile phones.
The shamed pair were immediately dismissed by Telecom Service Centres
when a routine check uncovered the scam.
The men, who both worked at the firm’s customer support centre in
Dunoon, Argyll, accessed files operated on behalf of phone firm
They transferred “credits” to their pay-as-you-talk phones so they
could make calls without having to pay.
A routine audit by other TSC staff discovered what was going on.
One2One were kept fully briefed about the incident and assured clients
that no security had been compromised.
It is thought several other blue chip clients of TSC – including
Vodafone, Standard Life and the Royal Bank of Scotland – were also
TSC said they were unable to confirm which client had been affected
because of customer confidentiality. But one source said: “Everyone
knows it was One2One because that’s the phones these guys used.
“People are angry because it makes others look bad in an area where
there are not many jobs as it is.
“No one feels sorry for them, they knew the risks they were taking and
were caught out.”
TSC employs around 1000 staff at six locations in Rothesay, Dunoon,
Greenock, Livingston, Glasgow and London.
Lennie Moffat, managing director of TSC, and fellow investors launched
the firm in 1994 at its Rothesay HQ.
Now, it deals with clients using e-commerce, web enabled call-centres
and offers customer service support.
A spokesman for TSC confirmed that it had taken disciplinary action.
He said: “We are proud of the quality, dedication and honesty of our
“We will not let this event affect the good name of our people and the
faith our clients have in TSC.
“We immediately informed our client and action was taken without delay.”
Police have not been involved in the matter.


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