Families reunited with freed US soldiers

HeadLine: Families reunited with freed US soldiers

Daily Record, 04/05/1999, p12

THE three American soldiers freed by Yugoslavia were reunited with
their families in Germany yesterday.
They had been held captive for more than a month after being seized
as they patrolled the Macedonian border.
Members of their families arrived yesterday at the US military
hospital at Landstuhl, where the men had intensive health checks.
Doctors said that Staff Sergeants Andrew Ramirez, 24, and Chris
Stone, 25, and Specialist Steven Gonzales, 22, had spent the night
calling family and friends, watching TV and relaxing. They then had a good sleep.
The doctors also said the soldiers were in generally good condition,
although they still showed signs of the cuts and bruises they suffered
when they were captured.
The soldiers were flown from Croatia on Sunday to a US Air Force base
in Ramstein, where they were greeted with salutes from Army comrades
and cheers from a flag-waving crowd.
With them was US civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who had gone to
Belgrade and appealed to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic to
release them.
Jackson flew to Washington yesterday to meet President Clinton and
deliver a letter from Milosevic with proposals for a summit meeting to
end the NATO air campaign and resolve the crisis over Kosovo.


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