Boyle knowledge was the key

HeadLine: Boyle knowledge was the key

Daily Record, 07/04/1999, p27

BUSINESSMAN John Boyle may have quit the travel business last year
when he sold his Direct Holidays empire to Airtours for £ 42million.
But it was his established contacts and intimate knowledge of the
travel business which has won the day for those trying to get aid to
the refugees.
Without him there would have been little chance of securing the
massive Ilyushin cargo plane which will carry 43 tons of aid from
Ask him, and he will play his role down. He has done this not because
he was asked, but because he wanted to help.
And those at the very heart of the relief effort will tell you he
deserves every bit of praise.
Boyle said: “We’ve all got to do our bit, to see what we can do.
“This is only a little bit of what is going on and I’d rather remain
in the background.”
The cost of taking the plane to the refugees is £38,000, half of which has been underwritten by a Scots businessman who wants to remain anonymous,
the other half is still to be secured.
It can take the aid in on pallets which means unloading time is
slashed from a eight hours on a conventional plane to under one.
Because of its vast bulk and payload, the plane was used by the
Russian military during the Cold War to transport troops and equipment.
Boyle, also chairman of Motherwell Football Club, hopes to have final
details of the deal ironed out by today, giving charity workers a
target to aim for.
He said: “It is a massive plane and one which is most suited to the
needs of the charities.
“But there are still one or two fine details to be worked out, so I
don’t want to say too much until it is all worked out, then I will tell
you everything you want.”

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