Ten days to disaster


Daily Record, 01/04/1999, p1

THOUSANDS of women and children trapped in Kosovo face starvation
within 10 days unless the Serbs allow aid to reach them.
Families have had no food or medical supplies for more than a week,
with Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic letting nothing through.
Catherine Bertinia, of the United Nations, said yesterday: “People in
Kosovo who are cut off from food cannot live for long. Within seven to
10 days, those people may be starving.”
The last food rations were handed out on March 23.
Bertinia, director of the UN’s World Food Programme, added: “It is
impossible to air-drop food – it is difficult to locate people, and the
planes are required to fly low which would make them targets.
“Unless we can find a way to get food to them, people will die. We
know the majority of them will be women and children.
“We have food stored and could get it anywhere in Kosovo quickly but
only if security is guaranteed.”
More than 140,000 people have fled Kosovo since NATO bombing began.
Reports say refugee children have been killed by mines laid by
Yugoslav soldiers. Others died from extreme cold.
Last night, an RAF Hercules carrying 20 tons of tents and blankets –
the first Scottish aid – took off from Prestwick Airport.
Scottish International Relief have also smuggled money into Kosovo
via nuns.
But it emerged last night that the Sisters of the Holy Cross had been
expelled after the operation was discovered by Serb troops.
The Allies also pledged to bomb Milosevic “at his front door” after
admitting their air raids were behind schedule.
PM Tony Blair said: “What we have to do is intensify these attacks
and that is what is happening.”


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