Boy, 10, pushes heroin at school


Daily Record, 27/10/1998, p1

POLICE last night launched an investigation into claims that a boy of
10 handed out heroin to pals in a primary school playground.
It’s thought officers have seized £400 of the drug which was offered in
pounds 10 wraps.
Detectives swooped on the school and have interviewed dozens of
children and their parents.
It’s not known if the boy knew what he was doing or thought he was
simply playing a game.
Dozens of angry parents are expected to march to Craigton Primary
School in Glasgow this morning demanding to know how their children
could be exposed to heroin.
A team of police officers called at dozens of homes last night as the
full-scale investigation got underway.
Parents and children were taken away to Govan police station for
questioning about the drug claims.
Specially-trained officers asked youngsters if they had been offered
anything like drugs at school.
They were asked if they knew it was a drug or thought it was sweets.
It’s understood some admitted they tried the highly addictive substance
out of ignorant curiosity.
A police source later confirmed the drug involved was heroin and that
children as young as 10 years old were involved. One angry parent said:
“The police asked my wee boy if he had been offered anything from his
classmate and he said yes.
“But he said he never tried it. He said he saw one of his pals try it
then spit it out because it tasted horrible.
“That’s the only reason he never had a go. If that had been his little
brother he might have thought it was sherbet.
“A lot of parents are saying they won’t be sending their kids back to
the school until they get answers.
“The whole class was down at the police station. Our kids should be
safe at school, not exposed to this.”


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