Sex case teacher and her pupil aged eleven


Daily Record, 19/09/1998, p5
by Shaun Milne

Teacher Kimberley Meechan smiles proudly – at the Confirmation of the
schoolboy she is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with.
The 31-year-old mum of two is the picture of a perfect teacher with her
pupils’ best interests at heart.
But behind the facade is a story that has rocked a tiny primary school
and sent shock waves across Ayrshire.
Meechan is accused of having a sexual relationship with a boy whom she
singled out from the age of 11.
And police are probing allegations she had sex with him and his older
brother in her home just a few miles away from the school where she
taught in Kilmarnock.
Yesterday Kimberley was in hiding, having split from her 32-year-old
husband Paul, leaving him to care for their young daughters.
Education bosses at East Ayrshire Council have suspended her while the
full investigation continues.
The allegations that have stunned teachers and pupils at her school
were made by two brothers, one now 15 and the other 19. It is claimed
secret sexual liaisons happened at Meechan’s home over a period of five
Parents knew Meechan as a caring teacher who took an interest in each
and every child she taught.
When the primary school where she taught was under threat of closure,
parents said she was very supportive.
One said: “I can’t believe it is the same Kimberley Meechan.
“She was a lovely person and she was great with the kids.”
But others have spoken about her particular interest in the young boy
at the centre of the claims.
One worried mum said: “It has come as a shock. You just don’t expect it
to happen in your own doorstep.
“She was very well liked by most of the parents and the kids adored her.
“But we always knew that she was particularly fond of the boy who has
become involved in this.
“We used to joke about it, because it seemed far fetched. She was fond
of him, we just didn’t realise how fond.”
The claims have shocked Meechan’s parents who live in the leafy avenue
on the outskirts of Kilwinning.
Her dad, Hugh Sweeney, an engineer, and mum Elizabeth were proud of the
daughter, who was adopted.
Meechan’s husband Paul, a manager at B&Q in Ayr, is distraught that he
was the last to know of his wife’s secret.
Yesterday his parents, who were spending a day trying to take their
grand- daughters away from the public glare, said: “We have our son to
think about and our little grandchildren. Our son has been thrust into
a goldfish bowl and he has done nothing.”
Yesterday, the Record told how neighbours had watched as Meechan took
the boys into her home while her husband was at work.
One neighbour even phoned Childline because Meechan’s two daughters
were locked out in the rain while she was indoors with the boys.
Another neighbour said: “At first we thought they were her brothers.
But then we noticed that when she went into the house with them, she
immediately closed the curtains.”
One neighbour claimed that one boy came out of the house with his
trousers at his ankles when Meechan’s husband arrived home from work
The sex claims only came to light after Meechan allegedly had a sexual
affair with the older brother. The young brother, crazed with jealousy
broke into the house and assaulted her.
She did not report the attack, but the boy blurted out the truth to his
parents who contacted police.


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