I want her jailed


Daily Record, 19/09/1998, p1
by Shaun Milne and Anna Smith

The father of a schoolboy who allegedly had sex with his teacher wants
her locked up.
He said primary teacher Kimberley Meechan has ruined his son’s life.
And he added: “I want that bitch in jail.”
He spoke as Strathclyde Police stepped up their investigation into
claims that Meechan, 31, started having sex with the boy when he was
just 11.
They are also investigating allegations that Meechan had a sexual
affair with the boy’s older brother who is now 19.
Yesterday friends said the family had been torn apart by the scandal
that has rocked Ayrshire.
The boys’ parents are doing their best to protect them from the
scandal, and they are refusing to let them discuss the allegations.
Yesterday at the boy’s red brick home, in a quiet cul-de-sac just a few
miles from where mother- of-two Meechan lived with husband Paul, their
parents were keeping their sons behind closed doors.
But the father told friends in the village: “This is about my two boys.
I want that bitch in jail.”
The boys’ brother told a friend the family was shattered.
The friend said: “They have always been a close and devoted family, and
this has just destroyed them.
“A brother has cheated on a brother – all because of this woman.
“He wants this teacher thrown in jail, and he wants her own kids taken
from her.”
Friends of the younger boy involved in the allegations claim he has
been robbed of his innocence.
The parent of one of his friends said: “Everyone is worried about him.
They don’t know how he is going to cope.”
Another parent added: “She knew what she was doing. She was the adult
and he was the innocent one, the child in all of this.
“The whole family are gutted. The boy hardly goes out anymore.
“All he does is sit inside and he doesn’t speak to any of his friends.
His whole life is shattered.”
The claims came to light after the younger brother, now 15, broke into
Meechan’s house and assaulted her.
It is alleged that he was crazed with jealousy after his brother
started a relationship with Meechan.
Yesterday Meechan’s teacher friends claimed she was innocent.
One teacher said: “This is all lies. It is all in that boy’s
“He was stalking her for months and then he broke into her home and
assaulted her.”
But that is a very different picture painted by neighbours of the two
boys, who saw Meechan regularly pick them up in her car and take them
for drives.
Neighbours in the detached villa where Meechan lived have spoken of her
arriving with one or other of the boys almost every day.
And they say they saw her drive away at night to drop the boys at their
home, leaving her two young children alone in the house.
Meechan has been suspended by East Ayrshire Council during the
A Strathclyde Police spokesman said: “We are investigating allegations
concerning a teacher. Our inquiries are continuing.”


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