Primary Miss suspended over pupil’s sex claims

HeadLine: Primary Miss suspended over pupil’s sex claims

Daily Record, 18/09/1998, p1
by Shaun Milne

A teacher is being investigated over allegations she had sex with a
primary pupil.
Mother-of-two Kimberley Meechan, 31, has been suspended from school
while detectives investigate claims from the boy, now 15.
The affair is said to have begun when she taught him at primary school
and lasted several years.
It ended when Meechan began an affair with his older brother and the
boy, crazed with jealousy, broke into her Kilmarnock home and assaulted
her, it’s claimed.
She did not report the incident, but it is believed the boy blurted out
the truth to his parents who then made a complaint to the police.
A police insider told the Record yesterday: “The break-in may have been
the catalyst that resulted in the whole story coming out.”
Superintendent Ian Gordon confirmed an inquiry had begun but refused to
comment further.
Education bosses at East Ayrshire immediately removed Meechan from
teaching duties when the allegations were made in the last month. She
was moved to an education centre but was suspended after going on sick
Since the inquiry started, Meechan has split from husband Paul, a 33-
year-old manager at B and Q in Ayr, who is looking after their two
young daughters.
Yesterday, neighbours in the cul-de-sac where the family lived alleged
they watched the trysts between the teacher and the two young boys for
the past four or five years.
One neighbour claimed: “At first, we thought it was her little brother.
He was there every day during the holidays. He must only have been 12
at the time.
“Then an older boy used to visit. They would go into the house in the
afternoon and the curtains would be closed.
“After a while, we began to think something was going on.
“One night, we could see her in the bedroom with a young boy.”
One resident even phoned the child abuse watchdog Childline because
they saw Meechans’ daughters being kept outside in the rain while she
was inside with the boys.
And another neighbour claimed: “There was one night when her husband
arrived. Next, we saw a lad running out with his trousers below his
“He was in his bare feet and ran all the way up the road.
“One time, she arrived with two boys and they had all been to McDonalds
and were carrying `Happy Meals’.
“Considering what appears to have been going on over there, that was
quite appropriate.”


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