Lover gave our baby to strangers


Daily Record, 01/12/1997, p1
by Anna Smith and Shaun Milne

A teenage mum gave her newborn baby away to a couple her parents met on holiday.
Janice Nimmo used to “borrow” the baby at weekends when dad Iain Reid made a 1000-mile trip to see her.
Now tot Lisa is at the centre of a bizarre custody battle. Last night, Iain was close to tears as he said: “She is being brought up by an old couple who are not even family.
“Yet I am her father and I cannot get to see my wee girl.”
Janice’s parents, Arthur and Mary, handed over the youngster, who is now three, to a Glasgow couple they met on holiday in Cyprus in 1994.
The baby was just eight weeks old at the time.
The Nimmos had forced the teenage sweethearts to split when Janice fell pregnant at just 17.
They wanted her to have an abortion but the pregnancy was too far on.
Janice and Iain continued to meet in secret and when Lisa was born he sneaked into the maternity hospital to visit them.
Iain, 22, of Dumbarton, said: “I sat with them day and night.
“I bathed Lisa and changed her and at that time I felt so happy.
“Janice even named the baby Lisa – the name I had chosen.
“But, a few weeks after she came out, she stopped bringing Lisa to see me. It just fell apart after that.”
The baby was given over to Mary Ramsay, 55, and her 66-year-old husband, Ronald, who live in a council flat in Dalmarnock.
The courts have ruled the child can stay with them but now they have applied for full custody and hope to adopt Lisa.
Iain and his mum, Isabelle, have no rights to see Lisa, although they both got access in the past.
Forklift truck driver Iain used to travel the 500 miles from London to Glasgow and back every weekend just to see his daughter when he was working down south.
He had no idea Janice had dumped her and only borrowed her while he was back.
Last night, Janice claimed she always put Lisa first.
She said: “Lisa is my world. One day she’ll be living back with me, there’s not a doubt in my mind about that.
“But I want to get myself secure financially.
“Lisa is happy, safe and I can see her any time I want.”
In tears, Janice claimed she handed the baby over because it was for the best.
She added: “Things are better off the way they are. She’s somewhere she can get all the love she needs.
“Iain will never get custody. I’ll never let Iain take her. I hate him.”
Janice’s mum Mary, of Moodiesburn, near Glasgow, said: “We were quite happy with this arrangement.
“We could not look after her because we both work.
“We have known the Ramsays for years and there is an old saying that you can pick your friends but not your relatives.”
The Ramsays hit out at Iain and claimed he had no right to fight for his daughter.
Mary said: “Iain should get his facts straight.
“He is rubbing her nose in the dirt.
“We have had Lisa since she was eight weeks old.
“The social work are happy and the courts gave us permission to look after her.”
Ronald added: “It was always going to be a temporary arrangement until Janice got on her feet.
“It is still temporary as far as we are concerned and we have no complaints from Janice.”
Iain now hopes a court will return his access rights and eventually grant him custody of his daughter.


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