Dad’s grief as wife and three kids die in blaze

HeadLine: Dad’s grief as wife and three kids die in blaze

Daily Record, 31/10/1997, p1
by Shaun Milne and Grace McLean

Young dad David Wilson was in torment last night after his wife and three young children were killed in a fire at their home.
David, 23, battled in vain to save Michelle, 22, daughters Jackie, three and Katie, two, and eight-month-old-son Brian.
He sobbed: “I have nothing left. My life is shattered. What am I going to do without them?”
As he recovered in hospital, David added: “I tried, I really tried. But I just couldn’t reach them.”
The blaze in Cranhill, Glasgow, erupted as the family slept yesterday morning.
David escaped by leaping through a window.
Samples of wall insulation made of STRAW were later taken away by forensic experts.
Speaking exclusively to the Record, David’s mum Rosemary said: “He just can’t take it in. I’ve got to be strong for him.”
The Wilsons lost a baby son, also David, to cot death last year.
They moved into their maisonette at Bellrock Court six months ago, as they tried to rebuild their lives.
Rosemary, who lives nearby, said: “I couldn’t bear to look at baby David’s tiny white coffin.
“There’s no way I can face this now, not so soon.
“We just had Brian christened on Sunday. Now our joy has turned to sorrow just like that.
“I’ll have to move away from here. I can’t walk past their house every day. I wish they’d just pull the whole place down.”
Rosemary said David has chronic asthma, and suffered badly from the lungfuls of smoke he breathed in during his rescue bid.
He is also being treated for burns, and has stitches in his arms, legs and feet.
“He has always been quiet, very deep,” she said.
“I don’t think this will really hit him until later.
“Michelle was different, always jolly. David’s life revolved around her and the kids.”
Michelle’s mum Elizabeth Graham was travelling north from her home in Blackpool last night.
The tragedy sparked calls for a probe into the safety of straw-lined houses in Cranhill. Locals branded them death traps.


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