Health bosses kept in dark by E Coli butcher

HeadLine: Health bosses kept in dark by E Coli butcher
Daily Record, 27/02/1997, p2
by Shaun Milne and Peter Laing

The butcher at the centre of the latest E Coli outbreak failed to reveal that a SECOND shop of his was selling potentially infected meat.
The first store, James Anderson’s in Leith, Edinburgh, is suspected of being the source of the bug and has been closed. Its boss, John Henderson, also owns the Charles Wilson butchers in Corstorphine, Edinburgh.
That shop was still open yesterday – despite being supplied by Anderson’s.
Health chiefs said Henderson had changed his story to them.
And they urged customers to bin pies, sausage rolls and potted meat bought from the Charles Wilson store.
Henderson’s James Anderson shop in Junction Street has been shut since Monday.
It’s at the centre of the latest E Coli outbreak which has made five people ill, including a 12- year-old girl.
The case is a chilling echo of Britain’s worst-ever E Coli epidemic which killed 18 people. John Barr butchers in Wishaw, Lanarkshire, were closed in the alert.
But it was several days before his products were cleared from shelves in other outlets.
Last night, there was fury that Henderson’s second shop could go on trading.
Trading standards chief Eric Robinson said: “On Friday, we asked whether he supplied any other food outlets with ready- to-eat cooked meat products. The answer was no.”
But during an inspection of the Corstorphine premises yesterday, a member of staff admitted Anderson’s did supply them with pies, sausage rolls and potted meat.
Robinson said: “We questioned Mr Henderson again today and he admitted yes, he did supply them and he didn’t tell us at first.”
Lothian Health Board then issued a statement, advising: “Purely as a precautionary measure, anyone who has bought any of these products from Wilson’s should dispose of them.”
Henderson refused to comment last night.
A city council spokesman said: “At the moment there is no proof Wilson’s is tied to any of the cases.
“It’s up to the owner if he closes.”
Meanwhile, it was revealed one of the latest victims in the Edinburgh outbreak is a home help.
Carole Conroy, of Elgin Street, works at the Manderston Court sheltered housing complex.


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