Health crisis chiefs jet off

HeadLine: Health crisis chiefs jet off

Daily Record, 10/12/1996, p1

Three health chiefs flew to the US as their hospital was swamped by E Coli victims.
They jetted out on an eight-day trip while doctors at Monklands Hospital were forced to turn away patients.
Chief executive Jim Currie, nursing director Dorothy Stewart and a surgeon bragged of their health care record at a New Orleans conference.
The scandal emerged as Britain’s worst food poisoning outbreak claimed 10th victim Christina Wright, 87.
Her heartbroken son Matt, 59, said last night: “Whoever took my mother away from me deserves to be brought to justice.
“She was fit and healthy. She still had a full life, and she died after eating poisoned meat. You cannot tell me that was no one’s fault.”
Matt said Scottish Office bureaucrats and local health officials were not doing enough to tackle E Coli.
He said: “All I have to say to them is: YOU try and bury your mother, then tell me how you feel.”
Widow Christina died two weeks after becoming infected. She had bought roast beef at a ScotMid store yards from her home near Bonny-bridge, Stirlingshire.
The meat at been supplied by Wishaw butcher John Barr.
Staff at the ScotMid shop burst into tears yesterday when Matt told them of the tragedy.
He said: “I don’t blame ScotMid. But someone was responsible.
“I loved my mother. I worshipped the ground she walked on. What will I do without her?”
The ninth victim, Mary Paisley, 83, also died after eating Barr meat bought at a ScotMid shop. Her family say she would have lived if a list of shops selling suspect meat had been published sooner.


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